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Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation in Florida

Attending a drug or alcohol rehab facility in Florida is often the best choice for a person who wants to put an end to his or her alcohol or drug abuse problem. These days, there are many drug and alcohol treatment centers to pick from depending on what the person’s personal requirements and preferences are. There are facilities that are just for women, women with children, men, gay and lesbian, young adults and youth. If gender or age is not a pressing issue in the decision process the individual can look at going to a drug rehabilitation facility in Florida that is based on a recovery method that they think would work best for them. Some drug rehabilitation facilities are completely drug-free, using no drug substitution or drug replacement to help their client’s recover. Others make use of prescription medications to assist their clients to come off the substances they are addicted to. There are drug and alcohol rehab centers that totally holistic and focused on helping their clients obtain lasting sobriety through a more natural process and there are treatment centers that are completely medically based and have their clients on multiple prescriptions to help with everything from waking up in the morning to going to sleep at night.

In addition to the various rehabilitation methods there are also several different philosophies on recovery and addiction. There are programs designed around the 12 step philosophy of addiction and rehabilitation. These programs teach their clients that they have an incurable disease that they must learn to live with one day at a time. Their belief is that they are powerless to their disease and can only work to manage it with continuous vigilance and regular meetings. Basically, they are telling their clients that they are powerless victims and that while they may stop using, they will never truly be recovered. In contrast, there are drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers that teach their program participants that they are not victims of a disease and can become rehabilitated by taking responsibility for themselves and their actions. They recognize that drug and alcohol addiction issues are actually physical and mental problems that stem from underlying issues that need to be resolved. Their programs encompass total addiction rehabilitation functioning to deal with the client’s physical and mental addiction issues while uncovering and resolving the underlying root issues that drove them to use drugs or alcohol to begin with.

Research done on successful drug treatment centers demonstrate that those who have the most successful graduates utilize these key principles.

  • Because not every person benefits from the very same drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, it is crucial that the rehabilitation program in Florida continually monitor their client’s progress making changes and adjustments to their program along the way as needed.
  • The length of time a person spends in a treatment facility is essential to their success. While short term rehab centers have their function, undergoing 90 days of rehabilitation has proven to produce the most effective long-term results.
  • The drug treatment center in Florida makes use of counseling and other behavioral therapies (cognitive behavioral modification, multidimensional family therapy, motivational incentives, etc.) in their program.
  • Program Participants are regularly screened for possible drug or alcohol use during their stay at the Florida drug rehabilitation center.