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Are There Different Types of Inpatient Drug Rehabs?

Inpatient drug rehab is a type of treatment facility which offers substances abuse services in a clinical or hospital setting. Treatment clients often benefit from such an environment because it allows them to remain focused solely on their treatment services, rather than on other distractions or things which could compromise their abstinence. For example, someone who is just attending AA or some other type of outpatient drug rehab is susceptible to drug triggers each and every day because they remain in their native environment. In their native environment, they have access to drugs and drug using companions which always presents a problem when someone is trying to recover from substance abuse. Inpatient drug rehab completely eliminates the possibility for the treatment client to be hindered by such circumstances and people, so their progress in treatment is much more accelerated and productive.

There are different types of inpatient drug rehabs that individuals can choose from, some of which may be more beneficial for them in the long run than others. For example, some inpatient drug rehabs are only interested in getting the individual through detox and withdrawal and offer very little in the way of actual treatment services. These are primarily detox drug rehabs whose sole purpose is to help clients through the detox process safely and without incident, as some types of detox can be life threatening to the client if they are highly dependent. This is often the case with alcohol for example. These inpatient drug rehabs only offer treatment services for 7 days to a month, and the client is then advised to remain connected to support groups or some other type of outpatient treatment or therapy. These types of inpatient drug rehabs are the types of programs most often covered by private health insurance, so are available in abundance all over the country.

Some individuals however require more treatment, beyond a 3 or 4 week short term inpatient drug rehab program. Long term inpatient drug rehabs are available for clients who need to address their addiction and dependency issues at length, and will not benefit from a short stay in treatment which only addresses acute physical issues. This is the case for most addicted individuals in fact, and only addressing acute symptoms of addiction which are purely physical in nature do nothing to address the problem head on. There are much deeper issues which prompted the individuals to abuse drugs and/or alcohol in the first place. What these issues are and how severe can be different for everyone, hence the length of time needed in treatment at an inpatient drug rehab too can vary. Long term inpatient drug rehabs allow for at least a 90-120 day stay so that the individual can be in a stable and drug free environment and apply proven treatment tools to their problem so that it can be fully resolved. There are many types of long term inpatient drug rehabs to choose from as well, so there should be no problem finding the right fit for yourself or someone you care about today.